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ThayerMahan works with Oak Hill to "Empower People with Disabilities"

ThayerMahan Engineers and Staff Provide Bike Repair Services for People with Disabilities

Groton, Connecticut (20 February 2019) – When Ken Edwards retired from at 35-year law enforcement career, he became ThayerMahan's Facilities and Security Manager.  Along with his security duties, Ken qualified as a “pilot” of robotic systems operating around the world.  His latest endeavor with ThayerMahan involved answering a request for assistance from a local student intern working for Camp Harkness in Waterford.

bike repair
Camp Harkness, located in New London County on the shores of Long Island Sound, is one of the few state parks in the country dedicated exclusively for use by citizens with disabilities, along with their family and friends.  Oak Hill is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that assists children and adults with disabilities to succeed at home, work and in life.  One of their key programs facilitates the use of adaptive technologies by the disabled.  The interns request to Ken was simple – could Ken help identify a service organization willing to help with the repair of specially designed bicycles for use at Oak Hill's summer camp program at Camp Harkness.  As Ken later explained:

“I wasn't finding a suitable organization to take this project on. Then it dawned on me that ThayerMahan has the best and brightest engineers and technicians in the world. I floated the idea in a companywide email and found that every employee was excited to help.”

The program evolved from this simple request.  Ken now manages the program, along with his other duties at ThayerMahan.  Each bicycle is different and is specifically designed to allow people with a particular set of disabilities to enjoy the experience of riding a bike at beautiful Camp Harkness. As a bicycle is returned to safe operating condition it will be returned to Camp Harkness and another bike in need of repair will be brought back to ThayerMahan for work.

Mike Connor, ThayerMahan's President and CEO said, “We are proud of Ken and of our team's willingness to give back to the local community.  Any successful company should strive to make its community and charitable outreach program impactful.  Our employees get as much from this program as they give in time and energy.  We hope this relationship with Oak Hill/Camp Harkness will continue to grow and flourish.”