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A World Leader in Autonomous Maritime Solutions.

ThayerMahan is reinventing how we monitor the world’s oceans to protect our country, trade routes, undersea infrastructure, borders and global fisheries. We stand watch 24/7, providing our customers with the actionable cross-domain intelligence they need to maintain decision superiority.


Introducing Search As A Service.

ThayerMahan provides Search-as-a-Service solutions that can be tailored and scaled to the needs of each customer and mission. Our agile, rapid deployment approach puts highly-curated data in our customers' hands far sooner — and at a fraction of the cost — of traditional alternatives.

A New Paradigm

Innovate. Deploy. Repeat.

ThayerMahan is driving a massive paradigm shift in how maritime security is accomplished. Our leaders challenge convention, and our engineers respond with innovative solutions — both in the shop and on the water. Our "whiteboard-to-wet in six months" mantra inspires our team to reach new heights (and depths), to the benefit of our customers.

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Turnkey Solutions.

ThayerMahan's portfolio of systems and decades of domain expertise free your organization from the slow, costly burden of systems design and implementation. Just tell us your needs, and we will craft an effective, efficient solution.

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A Passion for Innovation

Learn how ThayerMahan's agile and fast-paced approach to innovation makes for a work experience like no other.

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