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The development of TransparenSea and the application of Artificial Intelligence to the worldwide maritime domain awareness problem is a “wide-open” space.

Through internal development and strategic partnerships, ThayerMahan has assembled a technology portfolio capable of monitoring and mapping the full operating space, from buried objects beneath the seabed to optical and synthetic radar payloads from commercial satellites. Spatial data can be further overlaid with acoustic and RF signatures gathered from payloads aboard ultra-endurance unmanned surface vehicles for localized detection, monitoring and enhanced situational awareness.

Embedded within the data fusion interface is SeaMantic, a human-directed AI platform combining natural language input and relational reasoning to provide insights and breakthroughs beyond what an AI agent or human could achieve alone. Incorporating operator insights with autonomous vehicle control joins human intuition and creativity with AI's high-dimensional computation abilities and execution speed- ideal for complex environments with multi-domain sensor feeds.

Currently in final development, TransparenSea is situated to provide unparalleled situational awareness and insight generation from threat detection and defense to routine commercial operations.

System News