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The dramatic acceleration of advancements in robotic miniaturization, globally-accessible digital communications and artificial intelligence – coupled with the skyrocketing costs of traditional maritime operations – are driving a sea-change in how maritime security is thought of and executed. ThayerMahan is at the cutting edge of this transformation.

Alfred Thayer Mahan, our company's namesake, was a United States naval officer, historian and writer who came to be known as the premier naval strategist of his time. Mahan believed that American greatness could not be achieved without command of the sea and its access points, both for commercial purposes in peacetime and superiority in war. His theories were both clairvoyant and well-timed, as revolutionary advancements in technology were about to change every aspect of naval operations. His theories and strategies shaped America's approach to maritime activities for more than a century.

Today, ThayerMahan stands at the cusp of a major paradigm shift once again. At first glance (and somewhat ironically) it presents as a near-opposite of prior maritime thinking – replacing the massive with the miniature, the heavily manned with the unmanned and autonomous, large capital assets with distributed swarms, and bombs/bullets with information and electrons. But while the means may be different, the end goal remains absolutely the same: to master emerging technology, and apply it strategically, in order to maintain control of the sea for the benefit of our country during both peacetime and conflict.

Graphic illustrating 20th vs. 21st century maritime operations paradigms: big, costly and ill-suited to the task vs. small, nimble and purpose-specific
ThayerMahan's leadership team possesses decades of naval operational experience fused with information age technological expertise, and fully understands that there will always be scenarios where the path to a successful outcome requires large ships with human crews. But the massive financial burden presented by their development and operation – coupled with the challenges presented by new threats, shifting roles for our military forces, and a changing political climate with evolving priorities – present a clear mandate for change. The oceans will not safeguard themselves, and we still accept Mahan's core premise that our position in the world cannot be maintained without supremacy at sea. ThayerMahan is leading the revolution in the method and means to accomplish a wide variety of critical maritime surveillance tasks at a fraction of the cost – and do it more effectively than before.

ThayerMahan makes this change a reality for our valued customers.