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ThayerMahan provides innovative systems and expertise, connected by a global data platform, to help to protect our nation and its vital interests.

We design, manufacture and (when desired by our customers) operate systems to collect acoustic and electronic information on the world's oceans. These systems expand coverage for government and industry partners to protect borders, natural resources, and undersea infrastructure—and do so at extremely low cost compared to traditional monitoring assets.

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Our unique approach includes on-the-fly invention of new first-to-market innovations, as well as the integration of both existing and emerging systems. We are disrupting the conventional models of how maritime awareness is provided, to the benefit of our valued customers. Our portfolio includes:
  • Long endurance, low profile, energy harvesting unmanned vehicles
  • State-of-the-art sensors, digital signal processing and automatic classification
  • Confidential cloud-based data exfiltration
  • Enterprise architectures that leverage robust data science, low power electronics and artificial intelligence
ThayerMahan systems are simultaneously expendable and more survivable than legacy systems. They can effectively substitute for legacy ships, submarines, and aircraft across a range of intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions allowing dramatic increases in coverage and reductions in cost.

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We offer 24/7/365 turnkey operation of maritime monitoring assets, analysis of output, and preparation of tailored products for clients. Instead of burdening customers with the details of system operation, ThayerMahan makes the operation of these assets as transparent as the operation of a satellite in space. Clients receive the information they want without the friction of maintaining the system.


ThayerMahan experts are available to assist clients by interpreting the output of acoustic and electronic signal collections, oceanographic data, seabed surveys, and environmental information.


With over 200 years of experience in maritime security issues, our founders and staff recognize the need for dramatic change in the way we monitor for physical and environmental security of the world's oceans. We provide modern sensors and platforms, algorithmic solutions and the expertise to protect the world's maritime food supplies, trade routes, industrial infrastructure, and borders.

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