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Synthetic aperture sonar for understanding what goes on beneath the waves.

Developed in the 1950s, synthetic aperture radar provided the U.S. Military with extraordinary results from reconnaissance aircraft. Twenty years later this concept was further applied to space-based platforms, and we began monitoring the Earth with sub-meter precision from hundreds of miles away. Today, we can apply an analogous technology, in synthetic aperture sonar, to revolutionize our understanding of the seafloor.

SeaScout is an actively stabilized towed platform incorporating an interferometric synthetic aperture sonar payload, providing approximately 3cm x 3cm resolution over hundreds of meters. Through collaboration with our technology partners, advances in navigation, control, and signal processing techniques have been integrated into a complete system offering, making a technology once reserved for the defense and research communities more accessible than ever.

Designed for configuration aboard a vessel of opportunity, the system streams data in near real-time to the operator. Beamformed, mosaicked, and georeferenced returns are immediately presented onboard the vessel or transmitted over air to the user's destination of choice. Analysts and team leaders alike are no longer constrained to the operations area but can maintain situational awareness from anywhere in the world.

Enabling high-fidelity, large-volume surveys of the seafloor and its contents generate the maps needed for safe navigation, the details for infrastructure assessment, and the situational awareness critical for any security operation. A complete understanding of your environment, from a research perspective to a threat assessment and mitigation strategy, must include what you cannot always see. The ThayerMahan SeaScout provides that capability.

System News

Kraken and ThayerMahan Successfully Showcase SeaScout® during U.S. Navy Exercise

Kraken Announces Strategic Alliance with ThayerMahan

Connor Joins Kraken Board

Kraken Robotics Inc. announced that retired Vice Admiral Michael J. Connor, U.S. Navy, has joined its Board of Directors.