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Headshot of Steven B. Link

Steven B. Link

Director, Seabed Systems Group


Steve commissioned from the United States Naval Academy in 2010 and served five years as a Naval Special Operations Officer. While active duty, he led teams conducting underwater mine clearance operations and counter WMD training in over a dozen countries. After leaving the service, Steve simultaneously pursued advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his academic career he developed a predictive algorithm for natural gas infrastructure damage, a medical device for calibrating cancer treatment equipment, and a cooling system for first responders operating in contaminated environments.

While diverse in nature, his professional and academic experiences have shared a common theme – to help others and make the world a safer place. Driven to continue making a positive impact, Steve is excited to join the team at ThayerMahan Inc. and help revolutionize maritime security.


B.S. (Systems Engineering)

M.S. (Mechanical Engineering)