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ThayerMahan and UCONN Collaborate on Acoustic Training

Over the course of the last four weeks, ThayerMahan employees participated in advanced underwater acoustics and SONAR training.  The curriculum was developed by University of Connecticut School of Engineering's Dr. Francis (Frank) Chan, former Science Advisor to the Commander US Submarine Force.  It was delivered at UCONN's Avery Point campus and included topics like the properties of underwater sound, sonar performance, the physics of acoustic propagation and beamforming.
 ThayerMahan employees attending an acoustic course taught by UCONN’s Dr. Frank ChanThayerMahan employees attending an acoustic course taught by UCONN's Dr. Frank Chan

Students spent equal time in an applied session held in the Operations Center at ThayerMahan.  Former ACINT (Acoustic Intelligence) specialist Dan Lawrence and SONAR expert Andy Stockwell, both of ThayerMahan, developed and delivered a practicum focused on current and future mission sets.  Their hands-on acoustic training enhanced ThayerMahan's real-world detection capability and reinforced its ability to efficiently resolve SONAR performance problems at sea.
 ThayerMahan Pilots and Analysists engaged in the applied acoustic training practicumThayerMahan Pilots and Analysists engaged in the applied acoustic training practicum

ThayerMahan COO Richard Hine stated:

"The principles of underwater acoustics, sonar performance and sonar operations are core competencies required of all ThayerMahan personnel who man the watch during system deployments.  Our staff of experienced acoustic specialists is unsurpassed in this industry and the conveyance of their knowledge, experience and expertise to our entire staff is critical to mission success for ThayerMahan.  We greatly appreciate the collaboration with UCONN's engineering staff and instructors in putting together a focused curriculum that will further ThayerMahan's industry leading position as undersea acoustic experts."  

ThayerMahan's Outpost, autonomous acoustic detection system, provides long-dwell acoustic monitoring capabilities for government and commercial clients.  Undersea acoustic detection is used for threat detection, monitoring of undersea infrastructure, marine mammal monitoring, and a host of other applications.  ThayerMahan maintains a 24/7 operations center where staff monitor and pilot autonomous systems and provide data analysis service to its clients.