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Connor Serves as Symposium General Chair at Submarine Technology Symposium

Laurel, Maryland (14 May 2019) – The 2019 Submarine Technology Symposium (STS) was focused on the theme of “Expanding the Competitive Space from Undersea.” The conference, sponsored by the Naval Submarine League (NSL) and organized by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), began with opening remarks by VADM Michael Connor (Ret), ThayerMahan's President and CEO. 

The purpose of the STS is to facilitate the exchange of business, technical, and professional information relevant to submarines and undersea warfare. Consistent with this year's theme, STS presented technologies designed to meet the Submarine Force Commander's intent. It included discussions of innovative and critical technologies to expand undersea capabilities across the warfighting spectrum. 

Daily sessions and exhibits centered around specific topics. Day One addressed Ensuring Survivable and Credible Strategic Deterrence and Enabling New Missions from Under the Sea. Day Two focused on the Artificial Intelligence in Undersea Warfare and Ensuring Continued Undersea Superiority, and Day Three addressed Emerging Undersea Warfare Technologies.

Presenters from industry, laboratories, academia and the Navy shared their vision and strategy for the future and fostered discussion with the technical community. James Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition; ADM Frank Caldwell, Director Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; VADM Chas Richard, Commander Submarine Forces, VADM Johnny Wolfe, Director Strategic Systems Programs; RADM John Tammen, Director Undersea Warfare Division; and RDML Blake Converse, Commander, Submarine Force Pacific, delivered daily keynotes.

Additional speakers — Congressmen Joe Courtney, Chairman, House Sea Power and Force Projection Subcommittee; Ron O'Rourke, Naval Specialist Congressional Research Service; and RDML Dave Goggins, PEO Submarines — also addressed challenges and opportunities in the undersea domain.

APL first organized STS in 1988. The symposium was conceived as a classified forum where technologies relevant to capabilities of submarines and related systems could be examined and advanced by various experts. Today, STS is considered the premier technical conference on submarine-related technologies.

VADM Connor stated:

“It is an honor to be a part of the Submarine Technology Symposium and stay connected with Submarine Force leader and the amazing technical community from government, industry and academia that turns the leadership vision into reality.”

ThayerMahan is a Groton, CT based marine autonomy company specializing in providing custom-tailored autonomous solutions to a variety of government and commercial customers.  ThayerMahan provides unique Search-As-A-Service maritime domain awareness solutions using a myriad of integrated sensors and platforms directed from its state-of-the-art operations center.