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2019 Global Maritime Forum (GMF) Workshop

Unifying Unmanned Systems to Enhance Maritime Security: Building Networks to Solve Unique Challenges

University of Liverpool in Liverpool
United Kingdom
30 April and 01 May 2019

The GMF, co-hosted by the United States National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) and the United Kingdom's National Maritime Information Centre (UK-NMIC), will examine the technical hurdles associated with creating a network of unmanned platforms tracing the flow from data ingestion and analysis to platform capability and integration.

Topics of note include:

  • Unmanned Platforms: Space, Air, Surface & Sub-Surface
  • Emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities
  • Network Integration and Full Autonomy
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Determining Observables / Object Attributes

Mike Connor will be a panelist on Panel 1, “Unmanned Platforms: Space, Air, Surface & Sub-Surface.”