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Headshot of Dan Lawrence

Dan Lawrence

Deputy Director of Maritime Operations

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Dan has extensive experience in Undersea Warfare as a retired Acoustic Intelligence Specialist. He retired from the Office of Naval Intelligence as the head of the Acoustic Analysis division responsible for the analysis of all-source recorded acoustic data, and then was an ONI analyst for four more years before going back out to the fleet. He trained tactics and analysis methodology using tools and programs that offer naval analysis, oceanographic analysis tools, models, and unmanned maritime systems to the United States Navy and allied countries. This exposure to all facets of modern USW gave him a broad range of operational and analysis experience including tactics, techniques, and procedures, data collection, analysis, and reduction using the latest equipment and techniques.

For the past decade he has been working with unmanned underwater systems in order to understand the effects they have in sensing and neutralizing threat missions, and changing the USW battlefields. He specifically focused on sensing and tactics, deployment methods, and Research and Development of payloads and power systems. Integration aboard several classes of warships was a primary focus area, especially on the command and control of the systems once deployed.

He has demonstrated business development, program management, and technical management capabilities.

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