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Early warning systems for the shoreline of our homeland.

The United States is geo-physically blessed with its strategic position between two great oceans, with scores of natural ports/harbors, and thousands of miles of inland navigable waters. These geo-maritime assets require constant, diligent and persistent guard against an ever-increasing variety of seaborne threats.

The seaborne accessibility of the US mainland and the vitality of the American economy provide access, opportunity and incentive for bad actors transporting drugs, humans and other contraband ashore to invade our shores. ThayerMahan systems provide a force multiplier to the strained maritime law enforcement agencies employed in the disruption of these nefarious activities.

Sector News

Undersea Manufacturing Ecosystem Taking Shape In Groton

Kraken and ThayerMahan Successfully Showcase SeaScout® during U.S. Navy Exercise

Kraken Announces Strategic Alliance with ThayerMahan

Connor Joins Kraken Board

Kraken Robotics Inc. announced that retired Vice Admiral Michael J. Connor, U.S. Navy, has joined its Board of Directors.