revolutionizing maritime security


revolutionizing maritime security

About us


With over 70 years of experience in maritime security issues, the founders of
ThayerMahan recognize the need for dramatic change in the way we monitor for physical and environmental security of the world’s oceans.  We provide modern tools and the expertise that protect the world’s maritime food supplies, trade
routes, industrial infrastructure, and borders.


Our Products


We originate and integrate emerging technologies to generate disruptive improvements in maritime awareness.

Our product portfolio includes:

  •  Long endurance, low profile, energy harvesting unmanned vehicles

  • State-of-the-art sensors and digital signal processing

  • Satellite communications

  • Enterprise architectures that leverage robust data science, low power electronics and artificial intelligence


Our Vision

Our Vision

Alfred Thayer Mahan launched a paradigm shift in naval strategy that underpinned the 20th Century Navy. ThayerMahan Inc. is driving a paradigm shift in maritime strategy that will shape the 21st Century.

  • Capital Intensive

  • Large Capital Ships

  • High Profile

  • Centralized, Fixed

  • Carriers/Battleships/Submarines

  • Command and Control

  • Manpower Intensive

  • Intrusive

  • Blue Water

  • Energy Intensive

  • Highly Scalable

  • Distributed, Digital, Connected Forces

  • Low Profile

  • Distributed, Agile

  • UUVs/AUVs

  • Constructive Autonomy

  • Manpower Light

  • Non-Intrusive

  • Gray Zone

  • Energy Independent


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